(S)he’s Spending All My Money!

Managing your finances when you were alone was not an easy task and it can prove to be even harder when you are married and you have another person to worry about. Gone are the days when you could just go out and buy anything you want. Now you will have to answer some questions for this behavior. You may find this situation distressful at first but that’s the joy of being married. Two became one, remember?

Finance is a top reason why many couples will divorce and many divorcees will tell you this if they’re being honest. Money is a huge problem when it comes to keeping marriages intact. This may not be obvious at face value but if you dig deep, you’ll find Mr. Money smiling back at you. There will always be problems related to finance. It is better to know about these problems and look for solutions for them instead of ignoring them.

Spending all the money

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What a man can do, a woman can do an even better! Long gone are the days when men were supposed to be breadwinners. Today there are women who are earning far more than their husbands. This often creates problems in the house in more ways than one. While the man is happy that he has an industrious wife, his ego is severely hurt that he can’t be better than her. This is a big issue to deal with as every one starts trying to defend their self pride. However, if the “two really became one”, then couples should rejoice in each others success. Men should look at it from a broader perspective and encourage their wives.

Who is the shopaholic?

In a marriage, one person may be doing all the work to earn the money while the role of the other partner is just to look for ways to spend this money. To the person who is working hard for the money, this is unacceptable behavior but to the person who’s doing all the spending, they can’t understand what the fuss is all about. Usually, the wives are those that are likely to be the shopaholics as they spend time buying things that they think the family needs. The only way to solve this is for couples to make a monthly budget and stick to it! Using a free personal finance application for Android like Pageonce to stay on top of your financial dealings is a necessity.

Financial Secrets

There are supposed to be no secrets when “two become one” but this is often not the case. Many times one partner has secret bank accounts and assets that leave the other person frustrated. It is better for all financial dealings to be clear to everyone in the relationship so meaningful contributions can be made.


It is easy for debts to mount in marriage especially if investment decisions and decisions to take out loans are not well thought out. Some couples even find that they are deep in credit card debts because of uncontrolled spending. Couples should be careful in how they take out loans and endeavour to plan to pay them back.

These are just some of the financial issues that couples have to face. Obviously it will be a different situation for every couple but the bottom-line is that it is important to determine the problem and try to fix it rather than leave it and face divorce.

Sean Harris has been a internet writer for almost 10 years now. More of his financial articles can be seen at irs-website.org

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