My Husband Works Too Much

There are times when not every marriage is perfect and just needs a bit of coaxing in order to get things back on track.

my husband works too much

Nancy in Ohio writes:
I am writing you because I am seriously at my wits end with my husband of 7 years. We have two beautiful little girls and I really thought that we would always be the happiest couple in the world. Last year my husband got promoted as the vice president of his company which was great because it meant a better pay and benefits. For the first 3 months he worked long hours but after a while things went back to normal because he had gotten used to the new job. Things were good until he started working long hours again about 4 months ago. At first he said that it would only be for a few days but obviously that was a lie. We don’t go out together anymore and I just don’t know where to turn. If things don’t change I may ask him to leave. I don’t know if he’s cheating or really just working late. Please help.

Dear Nancy,

First off let me say that I am very sorry to hear that you are having problems in your marriage. Let me also say that this is honestly a common problem that does occur in many marriages and a lot of times iron itself out with no problems. Let’s first address the fact that you think he may be cheating. Has he given you any reason to think that he may be cheating other than coming home late? Has things been the same when it comes to your sex life? Have you caught him in any lies that contain someone of the opposite sex? If not then I would scratch that off your list because it really could be that he is required to work late.

The best advice that I can give you is to discuss things with him. Plan a day when he is off work and grab a babysitter. It’s possible that he is missing you just as much as you are missing him. Vice president of any company is a demanding job and with the promotion he took on new responsibilities. That is why he is earning the new income and benefits, which means there will always be bad with the good.

Once you are out on your date for the evening enjoy the time that you have with him and be honest about how you feel. Its never healthy to keep things bottled up inside and ask what he can do to change things. If it really is work that is keeping him occupied find out if maybe you can have lunch with him at least once a week and if he can leave early at least one afternoon a week so you can spend the evening together. Aside from having family time you need to make alone time as well and it never hurts to work on things in the bedroom as well.

Your man has been working hard for you and your family so surprise him with a new sexy nightie. Remind him of what he has at home and I am sure everything will work out fine. Good luck.

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  1. Laura says:

    Great advice there, I was feeling low due to being overweight and was convinced my partner was cheating no matter how much he told me he loved me how am am.

  2. Sasha says:

    I feel for you. My husband was spending more and more time “at the office”. It wasnt until I found out he had been visiting gay dating websites. You can guess the rest

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